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Re-Integrating into Society is Hard, Y’all


I have a sewing project (patchwork quilt), knitting project (lace cardigan) and crochet project (filet tablecloth) and I’m not motivated to work on any of them.

These are weird times and I’m going to chalk up my lack of enthusiasm to the fact that I now have to wake up early to get my run in, drive in traffic, go into an office and interact with people in person! It’s exhausting and I only have to do it three days a week. Remember when we had to do this shit FIVE days a week? Madness.

I wish I was joking but after sheltering in place for over a year, it is tiring for this introver to get “back into the swing of things” and it’s affecting my productivity. I imagine it’s what hibernating is like, slowly lumbering out of a cave, blinking as you try to adjust to the sun.

Sometimes when I take a nap (Why are naps wasted on the young? How I live for a job that has a nap room), I wake up disoriented, not sure what time or day it was. That kind of feeling.

While none of my current projects grabbed my attention, I still wanted to do something. Otherwise I found myself thinking about going to bed at 7 pm.

I had a bag of yarn which had a bunch of leftover skeins. Same brand, different colors. I don’t do a lot of color work but figured a top down striped sweater would be the perfect way to use it up. I did a quick swatch and set to work.

I still have the sleeves to go and am pretty sure I won’t have enough to match the stripes on the body. I’m not even sure the sleeves will be identical so that’s fun. And nothing beats a top down sweater for mindless knitting, because that’s all I can handle right now.

Only a week and a half till my next vacation.