Sweet Potato Enchiladas


I love sweet potatoes and have made sweet potato bread, sweet potato muffins, sweet potato waffles and they are were all good but I wanted something different.

I came upon two recipes, one for sweet potato enchiladas and one for sweet potato burritos and decided to create my own version of the two.

First of all, I already had homemade enchilada sauce and corn tortillas in my freezer. One recipe called for black beans and the other for cream chesse.

Here’s what I did. I baked the sweet potatoes and mashed them. Then I grated some Mexican cheese (Queso Fresca?) and added some cumin, salt, pepper, and chili powder to a drained can of black beans and semi-mashed them together. I took my corn tortilla and put a spoonful of sweet potato on it, then added the black bean mixture, some of the cheese and topped it off with some of the sauce. Then I rolled them up, put them in a dish, poured more sauce over them and added more cheese and baked in a 350 degree oven for about a half hour.

They were yummy but here’s what I will do different next time. I will only put the enchilada sauce on top of them, not in them. The sauce was too overpowering and hid the delicate sweet flavor of the sweet potatoes. Also, I will add the cheese to the top AFTER they are baked.

But overall, a very satisfying dish.



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