Bloggers and Copyrights


I just came upon this article at Huffington Post about some e-books that violated copyrights. Apparently these were recipe books and all the recipes and pictures were taken right off of blogs but the true authors were not credited, nor did they get any money from the sales. Blogs with recipes were the main target but in this day and age of the internet, it could happen to anyone.

This reminds me of a passage I read in Carl King’s book (which I read on my Kindle) So, you’re a creative genius…now what? He says:

“It is my belief that in a Creative Career, product-based selling is worthless. We have to evolve beyond “product-centric” thinking.” 

He goes on to talk about how “In this new world of copy-everything-with-one-click” that anything that can be downloaded is free. Let it go, give it away. Don’t try to get in the business of selling something that everyone can get for free.

While I don’t condone what happened in the article (these titles were hit with tons of comments damning the books and they were eventually pulled), I think King’s advice is spot-on for those of use who are trying to carve out creative careers for ourselves.

Unlike these copyright thiefs, we are blessed with wonderful new ideas everyday, so use your creativity to come up with different methods to bring in revenue.


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