Learn how to Draw


I’ve always loved to draw but I was way too critical of my work. I thought that “real” artists came out of the womb drawing like da Vinci.

Why do we do that to ourselves? Why do we demand perfection and great technical skill right at the beginning? If we demanded that of our children we would have never evolved.

A couple of years ago, instead of coming up with New Year resolutions, I declared that it would be a year of my art. I took several art classes and a bookbinding class.

One of the art classes was at SMU and the teacher taught Betty Edward’s Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. Drawing is like any other skill – sewing, cooking, driving, etc. You can learn it. I think the big hang up to learning how to draw is most people don’t learn how to see.  Your teacher tells you to draw your shoe, so you try to draw what you percieve as your shoe. In other words, your perception of “shoe” gets in the way of actually seeing your shoe.

I would highly recommend that you learn how to draw. I think Edwards’ book is the best because it really breaks down the skills you need. Some other fun books are:

Drawing Lab by Carla Sonheim

Any of the Zentangle books

Drawing for Older Children and Teens – A creative Method for Adult Beginners, too by Mona Brookes.

All you need is some paper and a pencil to get started. Relax, doodle, let your mind wander and be free. Learning how to draw will help open up your creative channels. 



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