Follow Your Bliss – Part 2


I got a little long winded on Part 1, so I am going to keep it short with Part 2.

I liken Part 1 to laying the foundation. I’ve got some guidelines to keep in mind, know where my true interests (essence) lie and now I am ready to put it all into action.

Between Part 1 and 2 I kept coming across a theme in my research. I’m taking that as a sign and hence I give you Part 2:


That’s it. In this stage I intend to just go for it and try it all. Kind of like throwing it all on the wall to see what sticks. Too often we cut our self off from experiencing all of life. Do you always go to the same restaurant, take the same route to work, eat the same foods, go on the same vacation? I’m no better than anyone else except that now I intend to just go for anything that looks interesting and try it. Getting different books and magazines are helpful, but actually going out and DOING something different or trying a new hobby, volunteering somewhere  – these things can help change your perspective and introduce you to something that you never even realized you liked.

School has made us so rigid – there’s only one right answer – only one path to follow. Who says? This is my life and I’m going for it. I’d rather try a hundred different things (and ignore most people who will think you are flighty and can’t commit or “settle down”) because there is so much out there to experience, why limit yourself. Each new experience, skill you learn etc just adds to your knowledge and you never know where it might lead. It’s all good.


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