Independence Day – Vegan Style!


Cooking has become a new pleasure for me and using the freshest ingredients that I can find is important. Luckily summer brings the farmer’s market and while the variety isn’t all that great, the quality of the products are.

This tasty little lunch is a fried polenta with a tomato/bean salad. I used a basic polenta recipe – no cheese – and made a very small batch last night. This morning I threw together some olives, white beans (I used cannellin beans) capers, red onion, garlic, cherry tomatoes and my very own basil. Then I mixed up some olive oil and red wine vinegar, added it to the mix and let it marinade for an hour at room temperature.

I cut my polenta into four pieces and pan fried them in some olive oil, plated the salad and put the polenta on top. It was a very satisfying meal.

The other night I made some barley and used it in place of rice for a bunch of vegetables I had sauteed. I have never made barley as a stand alone dish, I’ve always added it to soups. My water to grain ratio was definitely off. The barley turned out too mushy – I would have prefered that it still have a little tooth to it.

On the note of cooking – I’ve started exploring some of the ethnic markets near my house. I picked up a huge bag of red lentils and some dates (dates are nature’s candy) at an Indian grocer for a lot less than my neighborhood market sells it.  They also had huge bags of rice, duram flour (good for pasta dough) and tons of spices. 

I wasn’t an adventurous cook in the past and it is too bad because I am finding some wonderful flavors.


About Lynn

I am an author, speaker, certified career coach and certified NLP Master Practitioner, My mission is to empower you to take control of your career and ignite your passion by showing you how to find work that YOU find financially, emotionally and intellectually rewarding.

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