Is sustainability the key to mental health?


When people talk about sustainability, often the conversation revolves around things like solar energy, alternative fuel sources, recycling, composting, using your own bags instead of plastic bags, etc. These are all very valid discussion to have and certainly anything that you can do is helpful. But for me, sustainability is more about lifestyle choices, values, quality of life and mindfullness.

Once I started delving deeper into the subject, what really got my attention and started turning me around wasn’t necessarily saving the planet (although I am all for that) but ridding myself of the extraneous crap from my life. Not only the physical but also the mental crap. Much of what got us on this trajectory has been external pressures, usually from advertisers, but they aren’t the only ones, that our lives our not enough unless we have the right car, bigger house, ivy league education, brand name jeans. It seems that we are constantly bombarded with messages that we aren’t enough as is. This is a very Western problem.

I came across this post and I think it is very pertinent for our journey inward. I don’t know if we can ever fully deflect the barrage of messages telling us we are not enough, but it’s worth trying, certainly for our planet, but more important for the sake of peace of mind.


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