Am I losing it?


So, after writing about downsizing, I was thinking about what I wouldn’t buy used. Turns out the list is pretty short and has the things on it you would expect – underwear, shoes, sheets, towels – those sorts of things. Some it’s just the gross factor and for others, like towels, its just that they are one of those items that tends to get used until they are threadbare and relegated to the “rag” bin.

My kitchen towels are looking particularly sorry these days. Some of them are as old as my son, who is 16. I’m going to need to start replacing them soon (I’m thinking of putting together a little hope chest so that when I move out I can start in my new place with pretty new things). There are actually several organic towel sources, so that’s good. I also decided to look on etsy to see what it had to offer. I found a weaver who makes beautiful towels. Some of her designs reminded me of a slip stitch pattern in knitting and this made me think “could I knit my own towels?”

There are actually towel patterns out there but I wanted something that looked more like those woven towels I saw. I took out my stitch dictionaries, found some simple patterns I liked, grabbed on of the two unbleached cotton cones that I have and knit a stitch gauge. I threw it in the washer and dryer to see how it did and was very pleased with the results.

So now I am knitting myself towels. In terms of time, buying them is probably cheaper, but I like having a no-brainer project in my rotation. Sometimes I just need something to keep my hands busy while I am watching a movie. This project fits the bill.


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I am an author, speaker, certified career coach and certified NLP Master Practitioner, My mission is to empower you to take control of your career and ignite your passion by showing you how to find work that YOU find financially, emotionally and intellectually rewarding.

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